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Having learned our craft on the sunny island of Ibiza, Rosie's Juicery wants to bring some peace and plant power to the UK.


Rosie's Juicery can now offer a range of healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices, delivered right to your door.


Whether you want to indulge in a 5 day juice cleanse or incorporate juices into your everyday lifestyle, we have the right juices for you.


We can also prepare bespoke juices for kids so they don't feel left out - a great way for parents  to provide their children with valuable nutrition from vegetables that they might not usually eat.


Juice is the way forward - it is the quickest way for nutrients to enter into your system. Raw fruit & vegetables contain the highest amount of vitamins, phytonutrients and chlorophyll. Once juiced, these enter our bodies within 15 minutes of consumption, cleansing our system and making our skin glow and eyes brighter. Read comments about some of these benefits from a few of our favourite juice fans here.


We cold press our juices to ensure they retain their valuable enzymes and nutrients and aim to use as little fruit as possible, as we don't want to raise blood sugar levels, but we use just enough to make sure they're great tasting!


All our produce is organically grown and our eco-friendly bottles are made from recycled plastic which can be recycled again. 

T: 07523 355386 - E: hello@rosiesjuicery.co.uk

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