Detox cleanses

After bingeing at the weekend or after a holiday, these juice fast programmes are the perfect way to completely cleanse your system and reboot it by piling in a huge amount of vital nutrients and vitamins that our body needs and stripping away the additives from processed foods plus the caffeine and alcohol.


It's the best way to make your body feel full of life and vitality, so book your detox cleanse today!


After your detox cleanse programme, you will notice that your skin glows, your eyes look brighter and your energy levels are high. It's possible that you can lose up to a stone on the 5 day course and up to 6lbs on the three day course.


Rosie's Juicery offers 2 types of detox cleanses over 3 or 5 days - a 'Rainbow Cleanse' and an 'All Green Cleanse' for those who need a deep clean or are juice pro's! We can also offer a 7 day cleanse on request.


All produce used is organic, so you really will be cleansing your body from all chemicals and our bottles are made from recycled plastic which can be recycled again.

Supplied in your Detox Cleanse per day:

  • 2 organic Spirulina Tablets
  • 1 organic Cleansing Tea
  • 1 organic Protein Shot (100ml)
  • 4 organic raw cold pressed Juices (250ml OR 500ml each*)
  • 1 organic Immunity Booster ginger shot (250ml)

Rainbow Cleanse Juices per day:

  • Beet It x 1
  • Green Genie x 1
  • Cracked Carrot x 1
  • Up town Fennel x 1

All Green Cleanse Juices per day*:

  • Green Genie x2
  • Up Town Fennel x1
  • Lettuce Be x 1

*Please note that a supplement will apply for an All Green cleanse - we will confirm the amount at the time of booking.

*500ml bottles are suitable for those who have big appetites


3 Day Rainbow Detox Cleanse

£ 120 per programme

500ml bottles

5 Day Rainbow Detox Cleanse

£195 per programme

500ml bottles

*250ml bottles are suitable for those who can't manage the larger size!


3 Day Rainbow Detox Cleanse

£ 75 per programme

250ml bottles

5 Day Rainbow Detox Cleanse

£120 per programme

250ml bottles

Please note:


Rebooting your system by juice detoxing is NOT suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers or under 18's. If you have an existing health issue or if you're on any medication, please check with your doctor before you start a juice fast / detox programme.


In addition, the juices supplied within the cleanse programmes are predominantly vegetable based, as using too much fruit will affect your blood sugar levels and will therefore have a negative impact on the detox benefits. As a result, if you have a particularly sweet tooth, the juices may not be to your taste, so we would recommend that you perhaps try one of our sample boxes before embarking on a cleanse programme as refunds will not be given if you decide you don't like the taste of the juices supplied!

For more information on how to prepare for a detox cleanse and what to expect during the programme, please email us at or call us on 07523 355386.

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