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We offer a range of Juice Boxes that can be tailored to your particular needs:

The Hangover box

After a heavy weekend, this Juice Box will have you feeling back to your normal self in no time! These juices are to be drunk alongside your chosen hangover foods.

Contents include:

  • Beet It (500ml juice)
  • Twisting My Melon Man (500ml)
  • Anti-Nausea Shot (250ml)
  • Detox Water (1000ml)
  • Milk Thistle Tablets (x2)
  • Detox Tea (x2)

Beet It, contains beetroot to help cleanse the liver and give you an iron boost to give you added energy.


Twisting my Melon Man, contains Melon which helps to keep you hydrated owing to its high water content. It also contains carrots which have deep liver cleansing properties. 


The anti-nausea shot will give you a boost of vitamin C (which would have depleted through alcohol consumption), & ginger to combat that sickness feeling. 


The Detox water will keep your hydrated to stop that pounding head. 


Milk Thistle Tablets are the ultimate liver cleanser. 

This Juice box will have you feeling back to your normal self in no time, these juices are to be drunk alongside your chosen hangover foods. 

£ 25 per box

Fitness Fuelling Juice Box

Contents Include: 

  • Boosted Beet it (500ml Juice)
  • Mamma Chia (500ml)
  • Immunity Shot (250ml)
  • Detox Water (1ltr)
  • Detox Teas (x2)

This version of 'Beet It' has been given an extra boost with added Hemp Protein and the beetroot also enhances the rate in which oxygen flows through your body by increasing your red blood cell count.


Mamma Chia contains coconut water and chia seeds will replenish any electrolytes lost during sweating and the chlorophyll rich greens will help to reduce any lactic acid to aid any aches or pains.


The detox water will keep you refreshed throughout your workout.


The Immunity shot will keep you going until you eat after your workout. It also has the added bonus of Vitamins B6 & C to help reduce inflammation and to fight infections.


This Fitness Fuelling Juice Box will keep your energy levels up throughout your workout regime and can help improve your performance.


This is not a juice cleanse; these juices are just an added extra to your normal day.


£25 per box 



Our sample boxes are the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of juicing and will allow you to sample our products before you commit to a 3 or 5 day cleanse. Or you can just incorporate these into your normal diet, giving you that extra boost of nutrients daily. These juices can be drunk alongside your normal foods.

Sample Box Contents Include:

  • x1 Beet It - 500ml
  • x1 Cracked Carrot - 500ml
  • x1 Green Genie - 500ml
  • x1 Uptown Fennel - 500ml


Or, you can try our smaller samples -


Mini Sample Box Contents Include:

  • x1 Beet It - 250ml
  • x1 Cracked Carrot - 250ml
  • x1 Green Genie - 250ml
  • x1 Uptown Fennel - 250ml

For more information on our juices and cleanses please email us at hello@rosiesjuicery.co.uk or call 07523 355386

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