Juicy People

Here are some comments from our favourite juicy people:

'I found the juice cleanse beneficial in more ways than one – the first thing I noticed was how much energy I had, my eyes were brighter and I felt more alert than I had in a long time! I de-bloated, my skin felt soft and clear of any blemishes and I kicked out my caffeine and sugar addictions which I have managed to maintain since. Thank you Rosie for helping me do this, and for all the tasty juices (my personal favourite was 'Beet it') that were delivered to my door making the whole process really easy and manageable.  I will definitely be signing up again soon! Thank you Rosie! Hayley xx'

Lifestyle blogger (Dec 2015) @boomandbird


'Thank you for my juice cleanse Rosie! Feeling lighter, happier and healthier, great kickstart to healthy eating and to stop snacking. Uptown Fennel tasted so so good! xxx' 

Tali (Jan2016)


'So 3 days later and half a stone lighter!!! Although the intention was never all about losing weight, it has given me the push to want to continue with healthy eating and possibly another 3 day juice detox...Thank you Rosie's Juicery xx'

Barbara (Jan 2016)


'I have now completed two juice plans with Rosie's Juicery and would highly recommend to anyone that wants to detox, debloat and feel great! My skin was so clear by the end of the plans and I felt like I had loads of energy and a really clear mind. It's so easy as everything is delivered to your door and each plan comes with detox teas and protein shots to keep you going. Not eating is tough but the results are so worth it. I plan on doing three or five days every month to keep up the detox and get my health kick. Thanks Rosie!!!'

Natalie (Jan 2016) - @LemonadeLashes



'Just finished my second juicing cleanse with Rosies Juicery. I've had fantastic results, lost 7 pounds in 3 days and feel great. 
The first time I did it 2 months ago I did 5 days and lost 11 pounds. Great results, great juices and great service. Way to go Rosies Juicery and thanks.'

Martin (Feb 2016)



'I've just finished a 3 day juice detox with Rosie's Juicery following a very busy work period and at time of some stress. I've been feeling very run down and have also recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, so I need to start taking better care of myself. A friend suggested I try a juice detox - I've never tried one before and was not sure what to expect or how I'd feel without my usual diet of mainly 'beige' foods and strong coffee. Although I didn't experience any real 'hunger pangs', it was a little hard at times, especially when my colleagues were ordering take-outs from the local cafe, but I am amazed at the results. I've been able to sleep much better than I have for some time and I feel really rested and energised. I had a business meeting earlier today and two people actually commented on how well I looked! I'm seriously considering booking these in on a monthly basis - thanks Rosie's Juicery!'

Darren (Feb 2016)



'Hi Rosie,

The detox was brilliant and not as hard as I thought! I felt amazing so I think I might be hooked. I have passed your details on to my personal trainer and she will be in touch. Thanks once again and I am sure I will be in touch soon :-)'

Sandra (March 2016)


'My name's Daisy, we met yesterday at the Sevenoaks health food shop. I just wanted to say how absolutely incredible your green juice is! It's literally the best green juice I've ever tried and I've tried so many! Better than all the London outlets! Honestly, they're amazing. I just had lunch at Deliciously Ella's deli and your green juice is way better than hers.'

Daisy (Sept 2016)




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